October 2, 2009

The Mr. and I were married around 1:00pm on Friday, October 2nd at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau.  

After our ceremony, we took a bus around Manhattan for 4 hours to take pictures.  Some of those pictures are here. There are thousands more! 

In planning our wedding, we decided to cut everything out that was an expense we didn't care about.  It ended up that the things we really cared about were photos, good food, and close friends so we picked one of our favorite restaurants in Manhattan to have our reception dinner at, got a bus, filled the bus with snacks and booze and spent the day taking photos with our closest friends and family.  

I loved our wedding. 

A note about taking photos in wedding gear in NYC: Almost every New Yorker will yell Congrats!  And, almost every tourist wil take your picture.  The picture taking is a little disturbing.  Don't bother asking them why they're taking your photo, they just get testy.

All photos courtesy of Jimmy Ryan (www.jimmyryanphotography.com). Please don't use any of my photos without my permission or without crediting Jimmy.  Thanks!